Maldives - Nirvana on the planet

With first-rate diving, adventurers can have cavern, invertebrates, soft corals, gorgonian's and sponges. Travellers can take pleasure in surfing with most excellent time of May to September. Along with submarine surfing, adventurers can also have water surfing, sailing, water skiing, fishing, snorkelling, knee sliding, mono ski, fun tubes, para sailing and more.

Maldives is thus a paradise on earth where honeymooners can celebrate their togetherness with love and romance. So just go ahead and log on to Tourology and book your honeymoon package without any delay. You can be sure that you will be provided with enthralling adventure combined with height of luxury that will ultimately turn your dream vacation into reality.You will definitely return with some great unforgettable memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Maldives Holidays are collection of picturesque everlasting white sandy beaches, crystal clear bright lagoons, beautiful lush islands, brilliantly glamorous marine life and eye-catching sunsets and rocking nights. When a beautiful sunrise, as the first rays bounce off the water and bathe the islands, on that time this beautiful island becomes a beautiful paradise and offers a refreshing holiday feeling. Nor can describe the amazing experience of diving into the shimmering Indian Ocean. This beautiful paradise truly offers you a unique holiday for your lifetime.

While there are a healthy variety of birds inhabiting the islands, there are fewer varieties of land based animals. Common to the islands are flying foxes, geckos and garden lizards.

Essentially the most attractive components of The maldives travel and leisure would be the spectacular water vacation resort that provides a selection of high end and comfort. Complete with just about all comforts and also features worldwide, these types of water resorts provide the greatest view of the ocean, sunlight, as well as sand continuously. Program plus hospitality that you delight in here i will discuss beyond comparing. The maldives travel related is another way to watch existence together with convenience as well as caution during these water and seaside major resorts.

Needless to say, the mainstay of the Maldivian economy is powered by the fishing and tourism industries. About 500,000 tourists arrive on these islands annually. The capital of Maldives is Male (pronounced as Ma-leh). Upon touching down at the airport, you willbe whisked away by a fishing boat because the capital is no larger than a few football fields and have one of the most dense population in the world.

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